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Safe Rooms, Tornado Shelters, and Storm Closets from Tampa Safe Rooms

Tampa Safe Rooms represents the finest in-home tornado storm shelters available today. Tampa Safe Rooms is your dedicated dealer of tornado shelters and storm closets offering several styles of storm shelter models by StormBlocker, RemegenSafeRooms, and Missouri Storm Shelters. Learn more by visiting the manufacturer sites below or contact Tampa Safe Rooms today!

Now you can combine the safety of a storm cellar with the convenience, aesthetics, and comfort of a home. StormBlocker's® breakthrough technology turns a small room into a fortified saferoom that protects against nature's most violent storms.

RemagenSafeRooms creators of StormCloset® & ClosetVault®, manufactures above ground, in-home tornado safe rooms, storm shelters, walk-in home safes and Security Panic Rooms for new and existing homes that exceed FEMA guidelines and NSSA Standard for tornado shelter design.

Thank you for your interest in Missouri Storm Shelters. Our goal is to provide the finest quality storm shelters available. We carry the largest selection of certified storm shelters in the world! We are excited to announce that we are now in 17 states.

CGC/CRC inquiries welcomed
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"I would not ever live in this area without a room like this again...
It saved our lives...
It's a blessing."

-Karen Bieligk, Safe Room Tornado Survivor, Joplin, MO May 2011


CNN's T.J. Holmes interviews a couple who took refuge in a closet that saved their lives.

CNN's John King speaks with SarahBeth Harrison of Alabama about how her family survived a huge tornado.

Homeowners are given information on the installation or construction of safe rooms.